Conversation Heart Diary (Week 2)


Caroline C., Staff Writer

Day Eight: TXT ME told us that the little humans have come into the pantry. All of us worry that the Crock- Pot won’t be enough to protect us. I’ve just peeked out… oh god… They… they… they’re eating the other candy hearts that didn’t hide! They’re eating them and- and- and… and laughing about it! What cruel, selfless kids! Oh good.. they’ve gone. We’re going out right now to get the survivors. Okay, we’ve found some hearts, but not many.

Day Nine: An old, shriveled candy heart appeared! He’s helping us now. Apparently he’s seen five Valentine’s Days. He has so many stories and tips for us! In fact, he’s invited us into his shelter across the pantry and up a shelf. We really want to go. He says its safe and he’s been hidden there for years. TXT ME says yes, but none of us and figure out how to get all of us across the huge pantry floor and up an entire shelf in time.  A meeting is being called about it.

Day Ten: It’s been decided. We’re going to make a run for it into the kitchen. The old candy heart says that once another bag went out there, and the little human’s mother collected them and returned them onto the top shelf. We all think it’s a good idea, so we’re going to do it. We’re going out now… Lots of us have to push open the pantry door, but luckily the kids left it open a bit. Okay, we’re out… Geez, the kitchen is huge! A bright! Big counters and tiny pantries…. There’s so many places to hide and explore!

Day Eleven: TXT ME and E-MAIL ME have decided to go to the “dishwasher.” Apparently the mom goes there a lot so she’ll see us better there. Unfortunately, none of us know what the “dishwasher” looks like. We’re only a week and eleven days old, so… None of us bothered to ask the old candy heart either. We have to get somewhere quick, before we get caught by the kids or “doggie.”

Day Thirteen: The twelfth was such a good day! We found the dishwasher. We hid underneath the cabinets as the biggest human came in and opened it, then reloaded it. We’re underneath the dishwasher now. It’s been a day, so the mother should be here soon. Oh! Here she is! We’ve rolled out of hiding…. oh… she’s picking us up. We’re in a “Ziploc” baggie and now…. we’re in the pantry! On the top shelf! What a wonderful plan!

Day Fourteen: VALENTINE’S DAY! We’re so happy! Celebration! The mother is taking us down again and putting us in a bowl. Some pretzels and marshmallows are here too! Maybe we’ve finally gotten our wish. A huge party! This is so fun! Balloon are coming up with “Happy Valentine’s Day” on them. Humans are coming into the house. They’re all so happy! It is a big party! Oh… oh no… they’re coming over… and eating! Eating us! Taking us by the handful! It’s terrible! Worse than all the other massacres! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!