Lilus M., Staff Writer

Avocado was walking down the street. Avocado came across a sign at Del Taco. The sign read, “Fre Sha Vaca Do”. “Free Shavacadoo!” The Avocado exclaimed. Avocado noticed a little green shop behind the sign. “Hmm, they must be selling Free Shavacadoo in there,” Avocado said to himself. As he entered the little green shop, Avocado saw that the shop was filled with many tables, a soda fountain, and a long counter. At the counter, he met a Pineapple. “Welcome to Fre Sha Vaca Do, what can I order for you today?” Pineapple asked Avocado. Avocado looked at the menu up at the top. “Do you have Free Shavacadoo?” Avocado asked Pineapple. Pineapple kept chewing her gum, casually ignoring Avocado. Avocado cleared his throat. “Ahem?” Avocado cleared his throat again. “I will ask again. Do you have any FREESHAVA-” “Wanna make a Tik Tok?”Pineapple suddenly asked. She got out her phone. “OMG, it’s a hamster dressed up as a VSCO girl.” Avocado glared at her. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Avocado and Pineapple hear a voice with a weird Scottish accent. “DONKEY!” A portal comes from the wall, and a figure coming the portal…SHREK!

To be continued…