Conversation Heart Diary (Week One)

Conversation Heart Diary (Week One)

Caroline C., Staff Writer

Everyone knows those cute little candy hearts will little saying like, “BFF” or “You’re Sweet,” on them. But do you know what they think of you? Here, never before seen writing from a conversation heart’s diary!

Day One: I’ve been manufactured! I don’t remember much, only a lot of my kind and lots of human sausage- fingers touching us. It was scary! Then I fell into a bag and the top was closed. Now, we’re moving. I don’t know where because it’s really dark. I’m buried under people, and the clear opening on the bag is covered by others. It’s really sugary in here.

Day Two: I think we’re at Target. At least, that’s what the rumors say. I’ve become friends with BFF, NICE, and OH LA LA. They call me XOXO, so I guess that’s my name. We all think the same things: we all think TXT ME is mean, and that ADIOS never leaves!

Day Three: We must be a really lucky bag! We’ve been bought, and we’ve only sat on this shelf for almost 48 hours! The window- hearts (that’s what we call the hearts facing the clear opening) say that we’re in a cart, with other candies and cards. I can’t wait to be opened! None of us know what happens when the bag gets opened, but we think the humans invite us into their homes and we become their family! Offfff- sorry, MISS YOU pushed me- of all the good things that we predict, TXT ME thinks that we’re going to be eaten. What a stupid candy heart.

Day Four: Ahhh…. home sweet home! We’ve been placed on the candy- shelf in the pantry. The window-hearts say that we’re the highest shelf, and the little humans that look inside the pantry can’t get to us. We’re all confused. Why are their big humans hiding us from them? Why can’t we play with them and be happy? We’ve been sitting on this shelf all day! TXT ME is really smug right now. Maybe if I can move closer to him, I can hit that smug expression off his face. I’m going to try.

Day Five: Okay, really bad idea! We’re hanging off the edge of the shelf now because I was moving. Then that caused others to move, then others, and others and others…. The window-hearts are terrified right now because they’re looking down at the “really far away ground.” TXT ME thinks that if we fall, the bag will explode. OH LA LA thinks that we’re all going to be eaten. NICE is mad at her because she’s having a negative attitude.

Day Six: We fell. It hurt. Really painful. The bag burst, and several of us are lying around the bottom of the pantry. Several people cracked. There’s sugar everywhere, and TXT ME and REAL LOVE think that the little humans are going to eat us. OH LA LA and DREAM BIG think that the creature called “doggie” is going to eat us. Oh shoot… it’s coming. The “doggie” is here. It has a huge nose. It’s licking us up! NO! BFF! No, she’s being eaten! It’s painful to watch.

Day Seven: Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… And my arm… even my fingers… The body I’ve lost… the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. BFF… YOU ROCK… BE MINE…. so many… all gone, into the great big “doggie.” TXT ME is our new leader. We now hide behind and old Crock Pot. E-MAIL ME is depressed, and NICE isn’t talking. I never thought the first week of my life would be like this.