Editorial: Health Class


Ashlynn L., Editor-In-Chief

For students at Cope, health is one of the most disliked sections in P.E. Health class lasts about four weeks at the beginning of each year. Physical education is supposed to be the one class where you don’t have to just sit around and do work but during health we are forced to sit in a small space with no desk to write on. In my opinion, the worst part about health are the openers because they are the same openers every year. I am pretty sure I have written the same old “bullying” story every year. However, the videos are even worse because of the terrible acting. Most students don’t even notice the messages in the videos because they are just laughing at how bad the acting is. But at least we don’t learn about the same thing every year, except for the bullying, which we learn about every grade level. In 6th grade we get introduced to the new school (like we have never been to one before) and learn how we are going to play sports. In 7th grade we learn to eat healthy and how to make the right food choices because apparently we have never been told don’t eat candy for breakfast or to eat our vegetables. I mean if our parents have no luck with either of those things what are the chance they will. In 8th grade the students will learn about peer pressure and how to avoid it. Don’t do drugs kids, don’t drink alcohol kids, that’s what we hear without health I don’t think I need them to remind me. I honestly think it is kind of ironic that we go at sit in the multi-purpose room to learn about how we should be active. I went around to ask some of the students at Cope to see what they thought. Ezekeil Marrufo, a sixth grader, stated, “It is boring because all you do is write down and I want to do physical stuff because it is physical education.” But Jeane Naibako, a sixth grader, thought, “It is fun because you get to watch videos.” So I guess it just depends on whether you are an active person or not as to whether you like health. I, personally, do not like this inactive time of my Physical Education.

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