New Avid A-G requirements in Classrooms


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

Just recently, Cope got new guidelines for preparations for college entrance. Made by Avid, teachers will be putting up posters with letters on them. The letters are A-G and mean different things and have year requirements. For example, A represents History, having a standard of 2 years in college, B is for English and has a standard of 4 years, C is for Math and has a standard of 3 to 4 years, D is Science and has a standard of 2-3 years, E is for foreign language and has a standard of  2 to 3 years, F is for Visual and Performing Arts and has a standard of one year, and finally, G is college prep elective and has a one year standard. So the next time you walk into your Math class or English class, look around for those posters and remember what they mean and what you are expected of.