Movie Of The Month: “Pooka!”


Lia S., Staff Writer

Part of the Into The Dark series on Hulu, “Pooka!” is an 83-minute long horror episode based on the holiday of Christmas.  Actors Nyasha Hatendi, Lartarsha Rose, and Dale Dickey star in this.

WARNING: “Pooka!” is a rated R movie. I asked my mom for permission and you should too.

“Pooka!” begins with Wilson, an unemployed actor who finds an obscure audition in a local coffee shop, when he gets to the audition location, he is called into a dark room, then told to do a series of movements, such as “fly like an airplane” and “give a hug”. When Wilson passes the audition, he is hired by a mysterious man named Finn, who says Wilson is going to be a hit. Finn reveals that Wilson is going to be a life-sized mascot for the new toy, Pooka.

With Wilson portraying Pooka, the toy’s sales skyrocket. Parents and kids love the toy and Finn’s loving it too.

But there’s a side effect of being Pooka: Wilson starts to experience hallucinations and violent outbursts.

I would rate this episode on a scariness level of 1, being not scary, to 10, I would give “Pooka!” a 5 as the psychological horror gives it a dark presence like one can feel Pooka behind them while they watch the episode.