New Counselor Assignments


Kurt Steffens, a sub for Mr. Lopez, the current sixth grade counselor.

Lorelei A., Co-Editor in Chief

Starting this semester, separate counselors have been assigned to each grade. Previously, counselors were assigned to students per last name. Now, however, Mr. Lopez is the counselor for all sixth graders, Mr. Love is the counselor for all seventh graders, and Ms. Garcia-Marin is the counselor for all eighth graders. Ms. Aument is a counselor for AVID/Intervention because of her previous experience as an AVID teacher. One of the reason for this shift is that it will “provide opportunities for greater personal connections and long-term support” (as stated in the second semester letter from our principal, Dr. Stephanie Lock) between each counselor and their students. This is because each counselor will follow their grade level for three years. For instance, current sixth graders will have Mr. Lopez as their counselor until eighth grade.