Much Ado About Nothing


Margo M., Staff Writer

The cast and crew lists for the upcoming Winter Play, Much Ado About Nothing, have been released. The main romantic couple, Beatrice and Benedick, are played by Margo Male and Charlie Cross. The secondary couple, Hero and Claudio, are played by Anastasia Goodyear and Laith Hintzman. The third, and final, romantic couple are Balthazar and Margaret, played by Finley Moulds and Sofia Shumway. Arabella Flory is Leonetta and Maureen Ribowo is Dogberry. Harris Green plays Don Pedro and Kimberly Castro plays the prince’s illegitimate sibling, Don John. The remainder of the cast includes Cameron Kiley as Connie, and Violet Van Stee as Ursula. Backstage crew consists of Sofia Chanure, Sofia McNairy, Angela Choi, Trinity Commendador, Moira Connelly, Neal Connelly, Jillian Cruz, and Mia Gowin. The set design team includes Debra Cheng, Kailey George, Abigail Licayan, Skylar Lynch, Lia Seyoum, and Lanaya Situmorang.