Last Minute Gift Ideas under 30 dollars


Marlon M., Staff Writer

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten gifts for your family and friends yet, you better get started. You must get your gift delivered fast, it must be under thirty dollars, and it must be a gift that your gift receiver will love, cherish, and use. Here are some ideas for gifts, that your gift receiver will love.

  1. Get an essential oil diffuser. Essential oil diffusers bring a freshness to a room that not only relieves stress, but also boosts brain productivity.
  2. Get an echo dot(3rd generation) or a google home mini. These are great to give to almost anyone if they want hands-off access to anything connected with the device. And, another plus is that both options are around 25 dollars.
  3. School supplies are a great gift for students. Some are in desperate need of basic school supplies such as pencils. Also, nice school supplies make school and homework more enjoyable and fun.
  4. Gift cards are always a great, yet cheap last-minute gift option. There is no going wrong with an amazon or a target gift card (not sponsored).
  5. A family board game or a deck of cards with instructions. Board games are a great way to bond with friends and family, and if you’re on team cards, they are affordable and portable.
  6. Watches/jewelry/clothing/etc. are great gifts to your fashion savvy friends. Be sure that it is their style though. Side tip: everyone loves crazy socks.
  7. Books are a great gift for the holidays. Books are a no-brainier, they are good for almost anything,, give a friend or family member a book. I assure you, they will like it.
  8. You don’t have a large enough budget to give a video game console for your gamer friend, you can buy a video game or a mini arcade game. With a mini arcade game, you don’t have to worry about which console your friend likes best or if they like computers more than consoles. Bet you didn’t think of that.

These are just some ideas and recommendations on what you can give to your close friend or relative as a secret Santa. This time, you won’t have to cross your fingers and pray that they’ll love it.