Getting Organized Over Winter Break


Lilus M., Staff Writer

Winter Break is almost here. Many students will use this 3-week period of time to spend time with their family, play games, go on vacations, eat, sleep, and many more exciting things. This long winter break is a good time to take advantage of to clean out and organize your backpack and binders. Here are a few ways to help you organize that chaos in your backpack.

  1. Start with the binders. Take out any unnecessary papers, such as old papers and graded papers, and throw them away. If you want to keep your recent graded papers, keep them in a separate folder at home. Then, insert dividers in your binder. Dividers will separate your papers, that way you separate the different subjects. Hole punch papers to insert them into your binder.
  2. Organize your backpack! Take out any old papers and make space. Make sure to take out that hidden pile of trash, too.

These are just a couple of ways to get things organized.