The Ultimate Guide On How To Be An E-Boy/E-Girl


Lia S., Staff Writer

Have you ever seen those girls/boys on TikTok that have half colored hair, extra-thick eyeliner, layered clothing, and usually black Vans? If you haven’t, then here’s a quick summary. Over the last two years that TikTok has been out, a subculture of girls and boys has recently become popular worldwide. The E-boys/E-girls. Mostly in their teen years, these people can be found doing the Me!Me!Me! dance and using the most popular sounds on the app.

On November 22nd, Cope is having a “trendy” day where students can dress up either being VSCO or an E-boy/E-girl. If you don’t know how to be an E-boy/E-girl, here is a guide.

  1. Get a long-sleeved shirt, preferably solid color or white and other color stripes. Over your long-sleeved shirt, put on a black graphic oversized t-shirt.
  2. Put on some dark jeans. To secure your bottoms, get a belt and put it on.
  3. Tuck in both of your shirts into your jeans. I know, it might be hot, but it’s worth it.
  4. On your jeans, put on some wallet chains. These will give the bad-boy rebel vibe. Also, get a black choker as it adds to this vibe.
  5. Put on some Vans and make your statement.
  6. Also, make sure to eye-roll.

These steps will ensure your success in becoming the best E-girl/E-boy.