New Teachers

Marlon M., Staff Writer

As some students already know, the school has new staff members. We have new security officers, office staff, and teachers. These teachers include Mr. Kramer, Mrs. Severin, and Mr. Mason. They each have their own unique story. Mr. Kramer was in the military before coming to Cope and was part of a family-owned cabinet business. Mrs. Severin taught at Pomona Academy of Health Sciences before coming to Cope. Last but not least, Mr. Mason taught at Moore for two years and before coming to Cope, and he taught eight years of Biology at a high school in Riverside before that. When asked what his favorite activity outside of school is, Mr. Kramer responded,” Definitely watching and coaching sports.” Mrs. Severin replied to the question, ” I like spending time with my husband and my dog.” When Mr. Mason was asked, he answered, “Mountain biking. I really enjoy Mountain Biking.” All the teachers are phenomenal in their field; we are fortunate to have such great teachers at our school.