The Pumpkin King Part II


Lilus M., Staff Writer

Jack stared with wide eyes, his legs trembling like jello beneath him. “How dare you,” the Pumpkin King bellowed. “HOW DARE YOU!” The Pumpkin King’s voice roared. His voice shook the stable. Jack screamed and ran for cover. He hid behind a pile of hay and buried himself under it. The roaring stopped. Jack held his breath. It was silent…too silent. Jack poked his head out and scanned the dark room. He saw nothing. Is the Pumpkin King gone? Jack thought. He got up from his hiding area. He began making his way towards the door. Something grabbed him by the shoulder. Jack froze and held his breath. The hand clutching his shoulder forcefully turned him around. Jack whimpered, watching as the shadow in front of him stepping into the light. The Pumpkin King grinned an evil grin so evil that it made Jack go cold. His eyes glared daggers at Jack. “What do you want from me?!” Jack managed to yell. The Pumpkin King just shook his head. “How.,” he said as he took out a stake. “Dare.,” He raised the stick into the air. “YOU!” The Pumpkin King stabbed Jack’s heart with the stake. Jack fell on the floor, clutching onto the stake. As he breathed his last breath, he finally understood why the Pumpkin King killed him. It was all because…Jack had eaten the Pumpkin King’s big toe. Jack died on the spot. Rest in pepperonis.