Marlon M, Staff Writer

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As some of you know, there is no school Friday because of Staff Profession Day. With no school, there is a plethora of things for bored Cope Eagles to do, but what is the most meaningful? Well, as one can expect, there are many. Here are some things that you can do during the day off of school.

  1. Sleep. Many middle school students are derived from much-needed sleep to help them grow and remember. To learn more about why to sleep, check out the article “Why Sleep?”.
  2. Catch up on homework. If you have a project that is due sometime in the future, work on it! It will just be harder if you procrastinate until the very last minute.
  3. Find a cure for cancer.
  4. Acquire good study and work habits. This will help you immensily for school. Though it is very hard to achieve this in one day, a day off will be a good place to start. If one has good and work habits, it will repay itself by a tenfold. Developing these good habits will help one for the rest of their life.

Here are just some meaningful ways to spend a no-school-Friday. These things will benefit your health, society, or you as a person. Despite having no school, you should be productive, and you can do so by trying things that you can do during the day off of school.