New iOS 13 Features

Nikita J., Staff Writer

On September 19th, Apple released iOS 13, which is available for all compatible devices. With this new update there are many features included. Here are some of the features that iOS 13 includes:

  1. It is faster and more efficient – With the new update Apple made app update times faster, app launch times are two times faster, app download sizes have been reduced by up to 50%, and Face ID is 30% faster.
  2. System-wide Dark Mode option – This option can change the entire look of the operating system from light to dark.
  3. Voice Control – With the new update everything on the phone can be done by voice alone: tap and drag, operate buttons and sliders, edit text, and “push” the buttons on the edges of the phone.
  4. Offline Finding – In iOS 13 the Find my iPhone feature works even if the phone has no internet connection.
  5. Silencing Unknown Callers – With this new feature every incoming call will go straight to voice mail without making your phone ring, buzz, or display a notification — except calls from people in your Contacts and people you’ve called yourself.

These are some of the new features that iOS 13 has, but there are many more.