The Ultimate Guide on How to be a VSCO Girl(or boy)

Marlon M., Staff Writer

Though VSCO Girls are a little out of trend now, Journalism Staff has been anticipating this article for a long time. Here are some epic ways to become a VSCO Girl:

  1. Say the plural of “Hydro Flask.”
  2. Get a Hydroflask.
  3. Once you have done the previous step, personalize it with some cute stickers.
  4. Love nature and the environment and “Save the sea turtles.”
  5. Sport adorable scrunchies and stack them on your arms.
  6. Lastly, the most crucial part of being a VSCO is to scream “SKSKSKSK,” and “And I oop,” wherever you go.

If you want to be a VSCO, follow these simple steps and you will become a VSCO Girl in no time. Oh no! I dropped my Hydroflasksksksksk! And I oop!