Sandalwood Fire


Lorelei A., Co-Editor in Chief

On Thursday, October 10, a fire began near the 10 Freeway in Calimesa. According to ABC7, the fire began when “a trash truck dumped burning garbage” near a mobile home park, which burned through 74 of the structures. The fire then continued to spread to the nearby vegetation, and as ABC7 explained, “The Sandalwood Fire was at 823 acres as of Friday morning and was 10% contained.” Mesa View Middle School was evacuated and REV High School was used by Red Cross as a shelter for those affected by the fire. There is no evidence of anyone being seriously injured, but the Sandalwood Fire is only one of three in the area. The other two are the Reche Fire in Moreno Valley, and the Eagle Fire in El Cerrito. According to CNN, “California’s largest utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), cut power to parts of 22 counties in Northern California, in an preventative effort against wildfires.” So far, there have not been any updates of these fires being contained.