Congratulations, Thespians!


Margo M., Staff Writer

The results of the auditions for Theseus and the Minotaur have come out. The main character, Theseus, will be played by 8th grader, Laith Hintzman. Charlie Cross will be the narrator and know-it-all.  The cast includes Arabella Flory as Hippolyta, Clarice Pham as Princess Ariadne, Sebastian Quigley as Aegeus, Aethra is played by Sofia Shumway, Ayomikun Akinbile as King Minos, Claire Grossman as Ottera, and Penthesila is played by Anastasia Goodyear. The six serial killers will be Emy Meikne, Issac Kalama, Maureen Ribowo, Yahjan Salman, Harris Green, and Cameron Kiley. The permanent backstage crew includes Sofia Chanure, Moria Connelly, Neal Connelly, Angela Choi, Alexis Okofoh, and Trinity Commendador while the set design crew consists of Mia Gowin, Jillian Cruz, and Alisa Okofoh.