The Truth of Bullying Revealed


Krista L., Publicity

Krista Lopez


        Bullying. It is one of the most known and major problem among teens. Recent statistics state that at least 42 percent of kids have been bullied while online, 35 percent of kids have been threatened, and about 58 percent of kids and teens reported that something mean has been said about or to them online. It is clear that bullying is extremely common and is an issue that calls to be addressed. 46 males and 26 females have admitted to being victims in physical fights in one report by the Bureau of Justice School. You may now be asking yourself, “How can I stop bullying?” or “Can I make a difference in the bullying community?”  Good news, you can make a difference and stop bullying. You can do this by constantly staying alert of your surroundings, informing teachers or counselors right away after witnessing bullying, or by standing up for what you believe. Don’t feel intimidated by bullies because they are (secretly) scared of you.