The Different Ribbons

Nikita J., Staff Writer

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As we all know there is red ribbon week, but did you know that there are other ribbons? First, let’s think about what the red ribbon stands for; drug abuse and drunk driving, but it also stands for HIV/AIDS. Including this ribbon are twenty others. These ribbons include orange for kidney cancer, gold for childhood cancer, purple for pancreatic cancer, pink and blue for inflammatory breast cancer, pearl for lung cancer, periwinkle for stomach cancer, pink for breast cancer, blue for prostate cancer, silver for ovarian cancer. There is also white for multiple hereditary exostosis, violet for Hodgkin’s disease, jade for hepatitis B, green for organ transplantation, blue and purple for childhood and pediatric stroke, yellow for suicide, teal for agoraphobia, puzzle for autism, and cloud for childhood condition. These ribbons were not made to just exist, they were made to create awareness, so stay aware of these ribbons.