Opinions About the Picture Company


Lilus M., Staff writer

This year, before picture day, we were informed that there’d be a new picture day company. Okay, so would that mean that this picture day would be better than last year? Some students think not. Students supposedly didn’t like the picture day company. They said that the people made them do all these weird poses and other unnecessary things. Well, what were some of the student’s opinions? Students were asked what they thought of about the picture company. 6th grader Chloe R. replied, “They were good.” An anonymous 7th grader replied, “It was horrible. They blurred the picture.” Last but not least, 7th grader Sophia R. replied, “They were okay. I like last year’s better.” Overall, some students said that the company was okay. Others said that they could’ve done better. What will next year’s picture day bring?