Lunch Areas

Lunch Areas

By: Marlon Moenius

    It’s the beginning of the new school year, and everyone is getting into the flow of school. We must take advantage of this fact, and get used to keeping the school clean, starting with the lunch areas. This is the will of the school administrators; as it is noted in the student handbook which can be found in the school student planner. Keep the lunch areas clean, for everybody’s sake.

    There are many ways to keep our lunch areas clean. First of all, don’t bring glass. Glass is highly discouraged in Cope, and may result in injuries. If someone drops a glass container on the floor, then glass shards fly everywhere. These shards may hit a person, and if they get unlucky, it may hit their face. Even if it doesn’t, the custodian will have to clean it up. You can prevent this from happening in a very simple manner.

    Throw food in the trash can. In the Student Conduct section in the Student Handbook, it recommends,” Maintain a clean campus by depositing trash in a proper container.” Think about it this way, what would be easier, cleaning up small (or large) pieces of trash from all over the lunch area, or to just go to each trash can and pick the trash up from there. Most people would respond that the second one is the easier one to do. This is still a substantial job to do, for  a sizable amount of trash cans are scattered throughout campus. Then, imagining what it would be like if all the trash, large or small was scattered all over the school campus, the custodian’s path would be like so: walk, stop, pick up trash. Walk, stop, pick up trash. It goes on and on. 

    In conclusion, it is very important to keep our lunch areas clean. We can do our part in many ways including not bringing glass containers to school, cleaning up after ourselves, and throwing trash in the trash can where it belongs. We should all do our part in making our school cleaner, starting with the lunch area.