The New Bell

Opinions on our new bell


Caroline C., Staff Writer

Every student and staff member has noticed a change in our new bell. Several students are having others sign petitions to change it. When asked about the change, Principal Neuhaus replied, “When we arrived at Cope we noticed that it was difficult to hear the bells during the lunch times and even during passing periods. The bell volume was also raised and now everyone can hear the bells no matter what time of day they ring.” Do Cope students and teachers like this new change? Let’s see what some teachers and students replied to that same question:

6th grader, Rhyen R., from Mrs. McBride’s homeroom, said that she thought the bell was, “Kind-of annoying.”

“I don’t like it that much. It’s surprising when I hear it.” 8th grader, Jet B., replied when asked what he thought about the new bell.  Mr. Knight says that he likes the new bell because its tone is friendlier. He says it sounds like it’s sweetly saying:  Time for class now, kids.

These are only a select few opinions about our new bell. Most of us say it’s frightening and unwelcoming. Some of us say it’s fine. Overall, the majority of the students and staff at Cope Middle school agree that the current bell is annoying, and that the last bell was better.