Books to Read During the School Year

There are so many incredible books to read this year! From old classics to 21st century stories, there are so many choices. Here are some of the most popular books this year.

Harry Potter: an 11- year- old  orphaned boy who is unwelcomed at home learns that he has powers unlike any other person he knows. He is sent to Hogwarts, a school for wizards, and with his friends, he discovers the truth about his parent’s deaths.

The Book Thief: a historical fiction books taking place in Nazi Germany during World War 2. Leisel Meminger is dropped off to a foster home after her brothers death. Her new family is poor, but together, along with their neighbors, they find a way to cope with the war. But when Max, the lost Jew, arrives at their home, suddenly life become a lot more dangerous.

The Giver: an incredible story about a young boy growing up in a perfect, planned society. He finds that he is different than every person, and goes to get trained by an old man who shows him a magic beyond anything Jonas ever believed.

These are only a few of many! Try any of these books and many, many more!