The 4′ 9″ Giant


Emily C., Staff Writer



simone-bile-snoSimone Biles was the top U.S. gymnast in the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Do you ever wonder what made her stand out? Simone found her love for gymnastics in the year of 2003. Since then, Simone has worked non-stop to reach her goal of becoming an Olympic gymnast. Making it into the final five to America Olympic Representations was a huge achievement for Simone. Since Simone made the team, her training grew more intense to increase her chances of taking home a medal. Because of the training, Simone crushed the competition at the Olympics and took home four gold medals and one bronze medal. Simone also holds the record for most medals won by a gymnast. Simone’s love for gymnastics and determination to be the best let her stand out and succeed at the Rio Olympics.