The Controversial Notre Dame Fire


Lorelei A., Staff Writer

If you haven’t seen it grace the news already, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, burned violently over the Monday and Tuesday of April 15th-April 16th. According the LA Times, the fire itself was investigated and said to be the possible product of an electrical short circuit, the eventual doom of the world-renowned landmark. The tragedy itself, however, is surprisingly not the main reason for the conflict that has since been rising. BBC News says that “ordinary people and billionaires have pledged at least €750m”, or about $650,000,000 USD. Untec also calculated that it would take around $600m to repair the damage to Notre Dame, and the money raised set a basis for the worldwide argument: is the Notre Dame really where our priorities are?  For example, it would cost $200m less to clear a portion of trash floating in the ocean twice the size of Texas, according to NBC San Diego. Many have also come up with numerous other ways that money could be used, and even French economists estimate the donations will very much surpass the needed amount for renovation. The Notre Dame is an 856 year old landmark, but is that enough to rival other beneficial uses of the money?