Application Tips: How to Make a Good Candidate


Lorelei A., Staff Writer

Application season is on the rise, and even though ASB applications have already gone through, there are Journalism, Yearbook, WEB, AVID, and Advanced Art to still choose from. Anxiety regarding these application processes is normal, so here are a couple general tips to help bring down the stress level:

  1. If what you’re applying to consists of an interview, the best tip for that is to just remain calm. Being yourself is the best chance you have to doing well during the interview, but remember to stay respectful. Your interviewer will most likely want you to be comfortable anyway, so don’t psych yourself out.
  2. When you fill out a paper application, honestly is–as so often said–the best policy. Paper applications, however, tend to be more formal, so don’t be scared to sprinkle a few “in additions” and “moreovers” in there.

These should be helpful, but just remember: be yourself!