Featured Book of the Month


Halley K., Staff Writer

Hello again, my dearest Eagles! So, has anyone been anticipating this month’s F.B.O.T.M. (Featured Book of the Month for newcomers) as much as I have? Probably not. Anyway, I’m really happy about this month’s F.B.O.T.M. because of two things. One: The book I chose for this month’s featured book is one of my all-time favorite books. Two: that surprise I said I had in store is finally being revealed. So, this should turn out to be an interesting issue.

To start, the surprise I’ve been keeping from you all. As you all know, next year, I will be in high school. Meaning no more F.B.O.T.Ms written by Halley. But, I’ve been in search for a new F.B.O.T.M. writer. And I have officially found one. Drum roll, please (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and it’s Lorelei A! I’m so grateful to Lorelei for taking up the helm as F.B.O.T.M. author, and so proud that I get to have F.B.O.T.M. continue into next year. This monthly article, as you all know, has been my baby since the beginning of the school year. It started out as something that I thought would never grow into anything for me or anyone, and that I was just writing it as a fluke. But then I kept writing, and began to look forward to writing one of these each month. This is my 8th grade legacy, and I’m so proud to be able to call it my own. Of course this is not the last edition I will write, because we’ve still got June’s edition coming out in a month and I’m very excited for that, but it is second to last, and somehow that seems more important. F.B.O.T.M. really helped me break out of my shell  in writing this year, and I am just so pleased that my going to high school won’t be the end of it. Now, (*cry*) onto the book.

So, this month I couldn’t just choose any old book to write about. It had to be a book that held a lot of meaning to me and that I really, truly loved. Without any further ado, I present to you all, this month’s F.B.O.T.M, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Fangirl, to begin, is such a beautifully written book. So good, in fact, that I reread it in February, and then promptly cried because it is just so good. I also thought that this book was fitting, considering that it ends in May, and this month is the almost-end to the school year. Fangirl is a darling book about a young freshman in college named Cath, who’s trying to navigate the murky path that is college while keeping her twin-ship alive. Her identical twin, Wren, has always been the “Cool One” who knows everything about everything about college. However, there is one thing that these twins share. And that is Simon Snow. Cath, a long-time Simon Snow fan along with her sister, has been reading Simon Snow since she was a fetus Cath. But Cath is even more of a fan than some. She is a Simon Snow fan-fiction writer. And she’s good at it. Overall, Fangirl is a beautiful book, and I hope you all read it at some point.

So there you have it, dearest Eagles. The second-to-last edition of F.B.O.T.M. for this school year. See you all in the June edition!