Three Myths about Teachers That Are Horribly Wrong


Ananya A., Staff Writer

Myth #1:  Teachers work from 8 am to 3 pm and never work weekends.

Fact:  Teachers often work long into the night and sometimes dedicate their weekends to planning, grading, and preparation.

Myth #2:  Anyone can be a teacher.

Fact:  Not everyone has the patience, creativity, dedication, and consistent love for teaching and children that teachers have. Teaching is absolutely one of the most challenging professions around. Anyone can spew out facts, but very few can be called a teacher.

Myth #3:  Teachers don’t have patience.

Fact:  All teachers have patience, but they are also human. There are good days and bad days. Teachers have so much patience. Just because they blow up once in a while, does not mean that they do not have patience.