Featured Book of the Month


Halley K., Staff Writer

Oh my gracious, dear Eagles. Only TWO more months until this school year comes to a close. Meaning only two more editions of F.B.O.T.M. At this point, everyone should know what F.B.O.T.M. means. But I shall say it again, if not for one of the last times. (Featured Book of the Month for the unseasoned F.B.O.T.M.  readers.) I have a special surprise in store for you all, but for now, that shall remain under wraps. Now, onto the book.

For these last few editions of Featured Book of the Month, I decided to roll out my big guns. So, to start off one of what will be the last few editions I write, I have decided that this month will actually feature… TWO BOOKS. Hence the secondary headline, reading “Volume I”. This will be the first and last time there is a double feature, but there are just so many books that I wanted to include this year, and I thought that having a double feature might be an exciting beginning of the end to Featured Book of the Month. So, without anymore chitty-chit, this month’s book is… Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

PJO is actually quite a popular series, having begun in 2006, and spanning the length of 5 books. There were two disastrous movies made about these books, but don’t let that shadow over your opinion for the books. Bad movies, great books. I repeat, GREAT books. Now, back to the actual book.

The Lightning Thief is a book about a young 12 year old named Percy Jackson. Percy is in love with blue food and has supposed ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and dyslexia. Then, his pre-algebra teacher tries to kill him. As per usual. His mother then sends him to a camp for others like him- Camp Half-Blood. Camp Half-Blood is the home of training demigods, learning to navigate their life. Demigods are the spawn of humans and Greek gods (Zeus, Hades, Hermes, the like) and Percy is one of them. Soon, Percy’s plan to lead a safer life is derailed, and he ends up going on an adventure-filled quest with his two friends- a satyr and one of the daughters of Athena. Mystery and wittiness ensue. Hope you enjoy!

So, dear Eagles, I implore you to stop reading this, and to go and start reading the whole reason this Featured Book of the Month was written.