Is Homework Beneficial?


Lorelei A., Staff Writer

Coming home from school, it’s inevitable that a student does their homework… unless they choose not to. But is their decision if they do a justified one? Homework may just be an activity some students await cheerfully, but for most it is just the opposite. A tedious thing, homework is, and the motivation to do it is often lacking in most. The purpose of it is to provide students with practice regarding the subjects being learned in school, apart from the classwork already done in class. However, if no practice is needed, what is the point in completing it? Very few teachers offer optional homework, but usually only in lower grades, so work is expected to be done as students graduate onward. Nevertheless, some teachers in higher grades simply do not care whether or not a student does their homework, as it is the student’s responsibility, and will instead determine which level the student is on based off the tests the teachers issue. Homework itself, however, does not seem like it is going anywhere, so students might as well push through for now.