6th Grade Movie Matinee


Halley K., Staff Writer

Last week, the 6th grade students of Cope Middle School headed to the movies. And, no, they were not featured in a film.

Any senior student, or any student that isn’t in 6th grade rather, knows about the movie matinees Cope hosted last year. Big hits with the kids they were, Yoda would say. But Yoda isn’t here. Let’s focus on the topic at hand.

This year, 6th graders got the chance to go to Harkins movie theater. Each student was able to have the viewing pleasure of one movie, and eat a snack-pack (drink, snack, maybe popcorn, if you might choose).

Many 6th graders were very excited for the trip, and happy that they got the opportunity. So, if you have a younger sibling at home, make sure to tell them about the goings-on of Cope. They might get the chance to go to Harkins next year!