Worry Dolls

Jazui M., Staff Writer

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Worry Dolls have quite an interesting background. Worry dolls are small dolls made of yarn and cloth that are native to Guatemala. The purpose behind them lies in the name. They are meant to help get rid of a person’s worries. To get this to happen, the a person must purchase a few worry dolls, which usually come in a small pouch that contain about 6 dolls. One doll is one worry. At night, the owner must place a doll under their bed after telling the doll their worry. By morning, the whatever problem the owner was having is now solved. Although it is unlikely that the dolls actually take away worries, they would still make nice decorations. The dolls fit in small pouches which is essential for saving space. Worry dolls can be purchased online or at Sweet Memories here in Downtown Redlands.