January 24, Boys Soccer Game


Ananya A., Staff Writer

Wow! Cope’s first soccer games in 24 years was just last week! The score was 1-0, and unfortunately, Cope lost. Even thought the boys lost to Moore, they were great and kept their courage until the end. The one goal scored by Moore’s team was scored early in the second half. It was scored in the top left corner of the goal. The boys from Cope showed represented the school with pride and did their best anyway.

Mr. Boursaw and Mr. Orlov did a great job training the team! Although the team did amazing as a whole, a few players seemed to shine. These players were Alex Brown, Drew Jenner, and Ammar Bahjiri. Alex Brown was the goalie who was able to block many shots.

In the end, the team is really something for Cope to be proud of!