Featured Book of the Month

Halley K., Staff Writer

Hello, hello, Eagles! Another joyous day of… joyousness! Or reading. Whatever floats your boat (*cough cough* reading *cough cough*).

Anywho, has anyone heard about the happenings of the book world? A lot, and I mean a lot, of new releases are happening this year. King of Scars, The Gilded Wolves, Chain of Gold (woot woot!), Again, But Better, BloodwitchChildren of Virtue and Vengeance (Another woot woot! But also, go check out the F.B.O.T.M. for Children of Blood and Bone.), and many, many others.

In honor of the release of The Wicked King, which was actually released on January 9, this month’s F.B.O.T.M., which I am super excited to announce, is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. The Cruel Prince was released last year, and is the first book in the Folk of the Air series. Unfortunately, I have yet to read The Cruel Prince, but it is on my TBR (To Be Read) for this year. But I do know about it, so this article should go well.

The  Cruel Prince is a tale about the young human Jude Duarte (yes, yes, I know hard names) who, when she was a young girl, saw her parents get murdered and was stolen away to the High Court of Faerie along with her two sisters. Jude hates the faeries, Prince Cardan most of all. But what she wants most in the world is to be just like them. Trouble ensues. As usual.  Anyway, this book is a horrifying (in a good way) and lovely introduction to the Folk of the Air series.

So, read on, young eagles! And may you cause some nerdy trouble along the way. Until next time, dearest birds!