The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions


Lorelei A., Staff Writer

In all fairness, barely anyone commits to their New Year’s resolutions. In fact, only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions and 80% fail by February. The new year seems like a fresh start, motivating us to be more productive and successful, but, by the time actual life comes into play, concentration is gradually pulled away to other subjects we deem more important. However impressive it is to be part of that 8%, it isn’t that crucial to devote yourself to completing those firm decisions to change your life. The resolutions are almost always rather general ideas, so, if one mistake is made, the capitulating mindset overtakes us and we give up. A better way to make sure you have a better year would be to set small goals for yourself along the way, realistic goals at that, that would be easy to accomplish and therefore does not reset your motivation. Overall, however, all we really want is to have a good time during the year, so cheers to that!