Featured Book of the Month

Featured Book of the Month

Halley K., Staff Writer

A new year, a new month, Cope eagles! You know what that means! I am so honored to reveal the very first Featured Book of the Month of 2019. Almost as honored as I was when I read it. But now is not the time to talk about my feelings. It’s time to talk about books! So let’s get to it.

This month’s F.B.O.T.M. is Air Awakens by Elise Kova. Air Awakens is a Young Adult fantasy tale, including magic and mischief within its pages. Air Awakens is the first book in the Air Awakens series, and following it is Fire Falling, featuring the same fun and enjoyable characters. Speaking of which, let’s talk about them. Or, rather, the actual story.

Air Awakens is a lovely story about a seventeen-year-old library apprentice named Vhalla Yarl. When Vhalla, unbeknownst to her, saves the Crown Prince of the Solaris Empire’s life, she is introduced to the Tower of Sorcerers. As a young girl, sweet Vhalla was taught to be afraid of the Tower, but when she finds out that within her she holds a very rare elemental magic, she has to make a choice. To leave her beloved library and everything she has ever known, and to go to the Tower to learn magic, or to Eradicate her magic, and stay in the safe bubble she knows as home. But her choice could be detrimental to the war the empire has become involved in to unite the continent.

Anywho, Air Awakens was a great story, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy reading the second book in the series in February. But, not to worry, that won’t be February’s F.B.O.T.M.! You’ll have to wait and see. Until next time, Cope eagles!