DIY Christmas Gift Ideas


Julia T., Staff Writer

Christmas is coming up fast, and getting Christmas gifts is the top on most “to do” lists. With such little time, finding a perfect bought gift can be challenging and expensive. Here are a few DIY gift ideas to make for your family and friends for the holidays.  Love coupons are a great gift for your family. You can add some coupons for free hugs, washing the dishes, and more. Personalize these gifts to mean so much more than a paper stack for your special someone. Another great gift idea is mason jar hot chocolate mix. In a mason jar, put in some hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. Stick the jar in a box and fill the rest of the space with great add-ons to hot chocolate. For instance, peppermint bars, chocolate bars, and cookies are some good ideas. Make these inexpensive gifts for your loved ones and you can be assured to have the title of making and giving the best gifts for your friends and family.