Caden’s Teddy Bear Drive


Kareem H., Staff Writer

One of the students at Cope Middle School, Caden Henderson, has started a teddy bear drive for kids that have to stay in a hospital. Caden started this fundraiser because in 6th grade he was hospitalized for a couple of days. He felt the kids pain and decided to do something to comfort them. Caden plans on keeping this fundraiser for as long as he can and hopes it becomes more popular along the way. The drop off locations for all the teddy bears are at Paulson Orthodontics, Rendition Tattoo Parlor, Stuffies Stuffed Animals, Redlands Elks, The Energy Lab, and Rau Plastic Surgery. All of the teddy bears that you donate will be donated on Christmas Day. If you have a teddy bear and you want to donate to Caden’s Teddy Bear Drive, go to one of the drop off locations and make a kid’s day!