Aquarium of the Pacific Field Trip


Julia T., Staff Writer

On October 25, some of Cope’s 7th grade students went on a field trip to the the Aquarium of the Pacific. Mr. Fitz’s students went to the aquarium where they then went to start the amazing activities that were planned for them. When the students walk in, they saw all types of sea creatures, all different colors and sizes. Katherine Moore, 7th grader said, “My favorite part throughout the whole trip, was of course, the beautiful fish. I also loved all of the jellyfish that we could touch and see.” The students went to an activity called Fishing for Change. After, the students were supposed to watch awesome movie called Turtlevision 4D, but sadly that was canceled. In between the whole trip, students somehow found time to go to the huge gift shop to buy themselves presents to remember this whole field trip. In the end, they hopped on the bus to go home.