Featured Book of the Month

Featured Book of the Month

Halley K., Staff Writer

Hello, E.M. Cope Middle School students! Are you ready for another edition of F.B.O.T.M (Featured Book of the Month)? Because I have been so excited to introduce this month’s book!

Anyway, this month’s book is “Children of Blood and Bone”, by Tomi Adeyemi. This book deals with stereotypes, magic, really good character names, and a land named Orisha (with two dots over the ‘i’, which makes it even cooler).

Basically, there are these ten different groups of magic wielders, called maji clans. Each group has a certain power which they rule over (like in Avatar, yes). Then one day, magic suddenly dies out, and no one can wield it anymore. Naturally, people are confused, and want to know what happened.

Do you want to know what happened to magic? Read the book to find out! And leave a comment in the comment section, if you have already read it (or re-read it, like yours truly). Have a good rest of your day, Cope eagles!