Perfect Performances


Brooklynn R, SNO Editor

There are some kids who just seem to go above in beyond during testing. With a perfect score in ELA and math we have Debra C, Charlie C, Anh Thu D, Ryan J, Ashmitha K, Annika N, Tejesh V, Owen W, and John Matthew A. With perfect math scores we have Quang B, Nikita J, and Leonardo S. With a perfect ELA score we have Omolade A, Lorelei Victoria AG, Ananya A, Ammar B, Akshay B, Luke B, Ethan G, Arika G, Ayla J,  Samuel K, Halley K, Brandon K, Clio K, Katherine M, Abhisir N, Kaitlin O, George P, Jason S, Wanzee T, Rasha T, Sharon T, and Peyton W. Great job students.