Fall Is Upon the People: But Is it Really?

Halley K., Staff Writer

Here in Southern California, native (and non-native) Californians all know it’s hot. As much as people want to go to the good ol’ Target to get some aesthetically pleasing and cute fall decorations, fall weather isn’t truly fall weather down here. In So-Cal, people don’t whip out their scarves the moment the temperature finally drops to eighty degrees, or say that the temperature is “too hot” when it’s ninety-three outside. During fall, it isn’t any different.

When the fall season finally comes, the people of California don’t really know it. In California, there’s winter (kind of) and summer (which lasts three-quarters of the year). Fall normally remains in the temperature range of about seventy-five to ninety-five degrees in Southern California, so no one can usually find a way to wear their cable-knit sweaters without melting into their shoes. Either way it goes, fall isn’t something that’s very celebrated in So-Cal.