KiKi Do you Love me?

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 In the summer of 2018 several new trends were created. Some of these new trends were created from music that artists such as Lil Boat and Drake released. These summer trends became famous on musically and other social media apps.

    One trend that grossed all over social media was “Keke Do you Love me”. This trend was not created by Drake, but by an instagram star called Shiggy. Many youtube channels and other media channels reacted to these challenges. The trend spread like wildfire all over youtube in less than a month. Eventually, the trend even reached the creator of the song,Drake.  This trend was successful because it made a full circle, from the starter of the trend to Drake.

    Another trend that grossed in July was the Zoom challenge. The Zoom challenge was taken out of Lil Yachty’s song “MICKEY”. The trend was on musically, and the a friend had to pull the person who was doing the challenge in order to complete the Zoom challenge. There were also several fails in the Zoom challenge, when a friend could not pull the guy, or the guy slipped on water or something else.

    Finally, the last grossing trend during the summer was the Fortnite Dance challenge. The Fortnite dance challenge was a challenge where someone would do dances from fortnite in real life. Some dances were the orange justice, true heart, and default dance. Several youtubers did the fortnite dance challenge. One youtube family that did the challenge was the Eh Bee family. The fortnite dance challenge took over youtube for a while. Some people even posted fails on their youtube channel.

    These trends were some of the funniest and challenging trends this summer. There will be several trends that will be even more successful than these trends.