Editorial: The Middle Child Syndrome; 7th Graders Get the Raw End of the Stick


Kaush M, Staff Writer

Just when lunch schedules couldn’t get any worse, 7th graders took the main course, 8th graders took the appetizer, and 6th graders took the the dessert. If you don’t get my metaphors, the 7th graders got an unpleasant new lunch schedule, in comparison to the 8th graders and 6th graders. The 8th graders also had to change their lunch schedules, but after some interviewing, we have learned that 8th graders have been mostly positive about their change from 1st lunch to 2nd lunch. 6th graders have been completely positive about their lunch too. But, 7th graders… you can imagine how  they feel about random lunches.

    “I don’t like being separated from my friends and having three classes after lunch,” says Dakota Pascual(7). Adding to her statement, Anh Thu Dang(7) said, “I think that I don’t like it because I don’t get to sit with my friends.”

         As you can see, dear reader, many 7th despise the new lunch schedules. They don’t get to eat with their friends every lunch. This also adds to the confusion the 8th graders are also having. 8th graders have been moved from 1st lunch to 2nd lunch. While many are positive, others are negative because they would very much enjoy 1st lunch.

    In addition, the majority of students in 0 period are 8th graders because of WEB and ASB. This means they have to go through 5 periods before they can go to lunch. Many 8th graders are usually starving by lunch because of their new lunch schedule.

  In conclusion, the new lunch schedules have affected many 8th negatively, but many of the students have been positive about them. But the 7th graders are not happy at all with their schedules. They don’t get to eat with their friends, they get tired from 0 period, and are overall having a ugly attitude. And do you, dear reader, know why 7th graders got unpleasant lunch schedules? There is only one answer: The Middle Child Syndrome!