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How Teachers Feel About Middle School Dating

Michelle L., Staff Writer

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Dating in middle school is a controversial topic. People either love the idea, hate it, or maybe just don’t really care for it. Whether you like it or not, you probably have seen many couples around school. But have you ever thought about how a teacher feels about middle school dating? Maybe you haven’t, but it’s interesting to see their take on it. I interviewed several Cope teachers, who will remain anonymous, about this topic. This is their opinion on dating.

One 6th grade teacher told that he had nothing against kids dating in middle school. He recalls having several girlfriends at Cope Jr High when he was that age. He also tells that relationships are tricky and that a person must be mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with dating. “You have to consider another person’s feelings as well as your own.”, he says. He also says that dating is not easy, since people are all about themselves. His tips and advice for current students… “Be mature, be responsible, be respectful, laugh and have fun! And for all the boys…be a gentleman. Male chivalry is not dead!”

An 8th grade teacher felt that dating in middle school seems to prohibit higher academics in the classroom. She believes that students who focus on academics and not on who they want to date become more successful students. “There is plenty of time in the future (especially when a student can drive) that dating becomes a welcome and fun process.” she says.  Lastly, she feels that having friends and enjoying friendships during Middle School brings about less drama and much more enjoyment than dating.

Every person has a different opinion on dating in middle school. Looking at other people’s thoughts can really expand one’s perspective on such issues. Love it or hate it, dating in middle is here to stay.


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How Teachers Feel About Middle School Dating