Target vs Walmart


RishiS., Staff Writer

Target or Walmart the choice only people with their head in a dumpster have a problem making. Walmart and Target have their pros and cons, but one of them is the clear winner.

First of all what’s with every single store selling Christmas decorations even before Thanksgiving. It’s not just a week before, but a month before Thanksgiving. That’s more than two months before Christmas.

Walmart is a great place that provides cheap and affordable items that anyone could buy. That being said it’s not a great place to shop. First it has no employees around the store to help you find the items you want. With stores so big and employees so hard to find it’s impossible to shop there. If you finally find an employee or find the product you want the lines are twenty miles long. It takes about 30 minutes to find that one bottle of soap and 20 minutes to go through the check-out line and out of the store. With Target it’s really easy to navigate the store and find an employee to help you out. If you have ever gone to the mess of a store we call Walmart you know the condition of the store is terrible. The floors are dirty and are never cleaned, they are sticky. It feels like you are walking on a pre-chewed piece of gum. On the other hand Target is well maintained and their floors feel normal.

Both these stores are great and provide amazing products to people who want or need them. After all we wouldn’t be able to live without large retail stores providing everything we need.