Costumes NOT to Wear This Halloween


Jackson S., Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner, and costume ideas are flying back and forth. However, while you are attempting to come up with just the right costume, it is important to remember to use common sense to avoid using any costumes that are either politically incorrect or costumes that go against any kind of decency. Without further ado, here are some costumes not to use whilst trick-or-treating this year.

Political figures: Yes, I am serious. I know it may be funny to get a Trump or Obama masks and go hunt for candy, but honestly, there are funnier costumes that don’t offend people.

Costume making fun of other cultures or skin colors: This should be a no-brainer. What I mean by this entry is, for example, painting your face black. It’s incredibly offending, and should be a no-no for anyone.

Anything revealing: I don’t feel like I really need to explain this one. You’re in middle school. Don’t do it.

Any modern-day armed person: This example includes robbers, soldiers, terrorists, or anything else. This is not only offensive in some cases, but (especially if you complete your costumes with weapons) you run the risk of being arrested or worse.

Memes: The life-span of a meme is quite short. If it’s old enough to be recognized when used as a costume, it’s too old to use. Yes, this does include Harambe. He’s dead. Get over it.

Do not dress up as a friend or teacher without their permission: You run the risk of losing a friend you choose to copy, and even worse, your teacher may find out if you impersonate them and the trouble you would be in for that is immeasurable.

Youtube stars: No one wants to see you dressed up as Jake/Logan Paul. No one.

I hope this list helps save you the trouble and embarrassment that will almost certainly arise from using any of these costumes.