Lights Up Dance Editorial

Jackson S., Staff Writer

The first dance has come and gone. As school dances go, it was decent. However, my biggest complaint is the DJ. In the begining, he was playing newer songs- like “Bodak Yellow” and “Humble”- but near the end he started playing some really old songs (i.e. “Gangnam Style”, “Harlem Shake”, “Party Rock Anthem”, and “Baby”.) It’s not that I don’t enjoy old songs (I liked it when he played “Thriller” and the “Cupid Shuffle”) but these ancient pop songs he played are, quite frankly, dead. Another complaint is that the DJ didn’t take requests. And the problem is, the DJs at our dancesĀ never take requests. My suggestion to ASB is to hire a DJ who will take requests. I think students will enjoy the dances so much more if they can choose the songs. Personally, I liked the quiz we did for the formal dance last year, so if we could do that again, maybe it would help. As for the decorations, they were actually pretty good, although the theme itself had nothing to do with fall and was kind of random. All in all, however, the dance was fun.