School: The Cool and the Cruel

RishiS, Staff Writer

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School has started, and whether you like it or not we have to get back to work.  These are the good and bad things that come with going back to school.

The thing I like the least about going back to school is shopping. There are at least 20 different ads even when we’re a month away from going back to school.  When shopping at any stores they are always in a rush at the back to school aisles. At certain stores they don’t even have binders bigger than 1 and a half inches or mechanical pencils, just basic wooden pencils. Back to school shopping is just one part about going back to school.

The best thing about going back to school is meeting your friends.  If you haven’t seen them for the whole summer then it’s great to meet them and talk. Even though you may not appreciate it you are getting an education, so one of the good things about going back to school is getting back to class. I know many of you may not agree with me, but it’s true. Getting into a routine is another good thing about going back to school. If you get into a routine then you will be more organized and will have certain times for certain things.

One of the worst things about going back to school is homework, and teachers may disagree, but most students would agree. It cuts into free time and is usually pointless work that is the same thing you did during the day. This is bad since you aren’t learning anything it’s just repetitive.